A huge forest that is home to trees older
than us and unique views. Trails that crisscross the vast territory and will take
you to the crystal clear lakes.

A constant connection with nature

There is something inexplicable that happens when you find yourself in front of a mirror lake, on top of a mountain, in the middle of a dense forest or barefoot in a park. Our five senses awaken and become sharper. Our taste buds dilate just like our pupils; we capture the world around us with our ears, our nose, our fingers.

Even if these experiences are often too rare, we can all feel the well-being they give us, whether physical or psychological. elsewhere, science recognizes the beneficial, even therapeutic effects that nature has on us. Among others:

Increased sense
of well-being
Increase in
our creativity
Reduced stress
and blood pressure
Increase in
our memory

BESIDE Habitat offers an experience between nature and culture, just 1 hour from Montreal

Each destination is designed around a unique central theme from which arises a program of cultural and educational activities, at the heart of BESIDE Habitat's mission.

The land of all possibilities

Discover the ponds and their little inhabitants, float on a lake in the sun or take a nap in the shade of a large pine tree. Take the time to stop, to think about nothing or to chat for a whole afternoon with a friend. Whatever your energy level or state of mind, BESIDE Habitat has something for you. In addition to all the amenities that your chalet offers, here is a list of activities that it is also possible to do on site.

Cooking on the fire

Along the way, stop at one of the nearby farms and stock up on local flavors. At BESIDE Habitat, good food is essential: dutch baby, frittatas, grilled cheese make for the joy of spending time at the chalet cooking and eating in good company. We provide everything you need for you to discover the Elisabeth Cardin in you, around the island, on the wood stove in the living room or outside, on the embers of your campfire.

Dress to enjoy it

The beauty of nature is hidden in its sunsets, but also in its storms and its variable sky. As the saying reminds us, “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.”

A region to discover

Located just 1 hour 30 minutes from Montreal, Lanaudière is a sometimes little-known region, like a wild flower that you know by sight and that it's worth discovering. Its quiet roads, windy fields, rivers and snack bars are worth the detour.

Explore the hinterland on a mountain bike, cross the villages on a road bike, stroll on the sandy beach of Rawdon, near Dorwin Falls or at Cascades Park, forget the time at the magnificent Spa La Source, refine your swing at Rawdon Golf Club or spend some time in the air at Arbraska.


Your stay at BESIDE Habitat is an opportunity to soak up the quiet strength of the trees and enjoy a good old campfire. No matter the season, the territory offers a multitude of possibilities.


Trail running
Observation of birds and mammals

* Canoes, rowboats and paddle boards are self-service. No reservation is necessary.

**Note that we do not provide fishing rods, so don't forget yours. Take the time to consult the regulations in force on the lakes and purchase your fishing rights.


Observation of birds and mammals

**Note that we do not provide snowshoes, so don't forget yours.

“The oversized windows act like living paintings that change with the seasons.”

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