We have designed different models of chalets, located on land with different vegetation and topography. With us, you choose a type, not an address.

The Cap

Simple and comfortable haven. Floor-standing living space that encourages exchanges between indoors and outdoors.

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The Gale

Cottage surrounded by nature. Accommodating up to 12 people.

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The Down to Earth

Minimalist and cozy cottage for a large family. Ground level living area to facilitate dialogues between the interior and exterior.

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The Pioneer

The precursor of the project, expressing the first ideas. The original cottage that inspired our innovative design.

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The Shoal

Perched among the trees, this chalet offers high-altitude living. Two floors, rooms preserving privacy and tranquility.

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The Rest

Cozy retreat, ideal for solo or duo. Minimalist comfort for a peaceful and rejuvenating getaway.

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Our architectural vision is based on a balance between minimalism and anchoring in the landscape. We want to create living environments that reflect our ability to adapt to the environment.

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A space away from the noise, crowds, traffic and distractions of the modern world. A place to connect with your instincts and curiosity, to reconnect with simplicity and beauty, to gather with friends and family — and build conversations, memories, meaningful connections.

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